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Introducing the line of LOOPWEAR Pads. Hand made with the very best materials in the market. 1000D Nylon Waterproof fabric . 4 foam layers in a 5 density sandwich 60/25/30/30/30kg. Polyethylene foam mat 30kg that absorb the impact without deformation. Full foam system on the upper part "Top Foam Surface" whithout interruption of the foam in the central bending part, eliminating this way dangerous areas with no protection that can cause ankle injuries, etc.(in double and triple pads). Loop Aluminium buckle belt as a closure system "One Piece System" it transforms the pad in a rigid piece (only for double crash pads & new Giogia 3 pad Hibrid ). Padded straps with waist. Light weight. Better durability. Attractive designs.

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