Finger Tape cotton white 12 mm x 10 m Vergrößern

Finger Tape cotton white 12 mm x 10 m

"Premium Sport Cotton Finger Tape by loopwear", 12 mm x 10m finger tape, made of 100% hospital-grade

cotton fabric with zinc oxide, hypoallergenic.

Special for sports activities that require extra protection for your hands such as climbing, bouldering, crossfit

training, gymnastics, boxing, ideal as protection and prevention against injuries

100% bio cardboard box. Eco friendly ink.

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Technical characteristics:

1. Measurements:1 tape x 12mm x 10 m

2. Presentation:  100% compostable bag, Eco friendly inks.

3. 100% cotton material, soft and comfortable.

4. Good tensile strength.

5. Easy to tear by hand. zigzag system

6. Extra strong and reliable glue.

5. Constant unwinding tension.

7. Let the skin breathe.

8. Leaves no residue

9. Hypoallergenic.

10.Brand: loopwear